"In the still quiet place we meet Him."

Rules for Camper Conduct

1. Each camper shall be given a copy of these rules.

2. Pinecrest Camp is a Christian camp and will therefore only be used by Christian churches, ministries, and groups/families, or organizations who agree to abide by Christian principles while here.

3. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs will be permitted on the premises. Pinecrest Camp is a smoke free/tobacco free campground!

4. No firearms will be permitted on the premises unless approved by the Camp Director.

5. Modesty in dress, speech and conduct is expected. Attire is different for different places and situations. Language and conduct unbecoming to Christ is not acceptable on the campground.

6. No Pets Please.

7. All damages to camp property or campers belongings shall be the sole responsibility of the person doing the damage.

8. All camp users are expected to clean up their rooms, cabins and camping sites before they leave. Users will be billed extra in cases where an inspection reveals unusual conditions.

9. In consideration of other campers, camp quiet time shall be from 11p.m.-7:00 a.m.

10. Pinecrest Camp will not tolerate any acts of sexual harassment.

11. Pinecrest Camp reserves the right to dismiss any camper from the property.