Accommodates 82-85 guests

  • All rooms have Heat and Air-Conditioning with a private bathroom and shower.


Ground Floor

Ground Floor: 6 Rooms Accommodates 32-34 guests

  • 4 Rooms accommodate up to 6 guests each with 3 sets of bunk beds.
  • 2 Rooms accommodate 4-5 guests each with one bunk bed and a bunk over a queen bed.
  • Gymnatorium on the left side of the building.
  • Kitchenette includes a refrigerator, range oven, dishwasher, microwave, dishware & utensils.
  • Washer and dryer included.
  • Large lounge area.

Second Floor

Second Floor: 7 Rooms Accommodates 50-51 guests

  • 6 Rooms accommodate 8 guests each with four sets of bunk beds.
  • 1 Room can accommodate 2-3 guests with a bunk over a full bed.
  • Small lounge area.