Meeting Places

Rustic, peaceful surroundings make Pinecrest Camp a wonderful sanctuary from the pressures of everyday life. Pinecrest is an evangelical ministry of the Christian & Missionary Alliance and has been assisting the Christian Community in making disciples of Jesus Christ since 1942.

Outdoor Chapel

Dedicated on June 19, 1987, this chapel will seat approximately 250 people.

The Boese

The Boese Center (“Bays”) can be used as a gym, sanctuary, meeting place, dining hall, you name it.  The gym floor can easily seat 100 or more.

Pinson Hall

Pinson Hall can be converted from bunk house to meeting place for your smaller group needs.

Dining Hall

The dining hall is another option for holding meetings and group sessions - rated for 125.

Old Pinecrest Chapel

This chapel was erected in 1959 and will seat approximately 80 people.
This chapel is commonly used for crafts and wood shop.

Prayer Cabin

The cabin is small in size but is set apart for peace and quiet.

Fire Pit Swings

You'll find a place to, there, anywhere...

Natural Settings

There are many places for rest and gathering, we are always striving to add more.

Bethany House

The Bethany House - living room, back deck, and a two car garage that is now a meeting space for guests.

Harris Hall

Harris Hall is another setting for a small group meeting place and is often used as a crafts center and wood shop.